; Zwift Plans on Releasing a New Flat Course During the Tour Of Watopia - Zwift is teasing us with a new course during the Tour of Watopia. Related: Best VPN ProtonVPN - Features and usability. You can use this forum to ask questions to program coach Dan Plews, post feedback, report any issues, or meet your fellow Academy members. The 7x NASCAR Monster Energy Series champion is cruising unassumingly at the front of a field of 60 or so. Indoor cycling has really taken off in recent years, with innovations made with modern smart turbo trainers such as the Wahoo Kickr combined with software such as Zwift, which offers cyclists who wish to get in some virtual miles in their pain caves a gamified experience as they can user power-ups to gain an advantage when they race against others competitivity over the internet. Gen3 Cotic RocketMAX w/longshot geometry gets big travel matched to big wheels - Bikerumor bikerumor. This is a less glamorous but completely functional version of what Wahoo has done with their KICKR Bike configuration app functionality, and allows you to specify things like the number of chainrings you want in a 'virtual gearing', as well as the exact chainring and cassette specifications:. 99 Kickr and £499. If true, 2018 is going to be an awesome year for cyclist wanting a trainer that is quieter and lighter than Wahoo's current KICKR lineup.